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Job Vacancies

Job Vacancies in Hoima City Local Government – Dec 2022

In any correspondences on this matter please quote
Ref: No. DSC. 156/2
P.O. Box 149 Hoima, UgandaEmail address:




Applications are invited from suitably qualified Ugandans to fill the vacancies which exist in Hoima City Local Government Applications to be submitted in triplicate on PSC Form 3, (Revised 2008) should be addressed to the Secretary, Hoima City Service Commission, P.O. Box 149, Hoima.

The closing date of receiving applications will be 30th December 2022   Application forms are obtainable at District/City Service Commissions Offices Country wide and at Public Service Commission offices or can be downloaded from the Public Service Commission website: Applicants should attach 3 photocopies of their Certificates, Pass-slips, Academic transcripts, Passport photographs, Identity cards (including institutional and National identity cards), and should indicate; Job Title, Reference number, Telephone contacts, email and postal addresses.

Serving officers should route their applications through the Responsible Officers who should be informed of the closing date to avoid delay.

Note:  All academic documents should be fully certified.

No Post Department Salary Scale No. of Posts Ref. No.
1 Assistant Deputy Town Clerk Administration UIE 1 HCSC/01/2022
2 Principal Human Resource Officer Administration U2 1 HCSC/02/2022
3 Senior Human Resource Officer Administration U3 1 HCSC/03/2022
4 Human Resource Officer Administration U4 1 HCSC/04/2022
5 Office Supervisor Administration U4 1 HCSC/05/2022
6 Senior Communication Officer Administration U3 1 HCSC/06/2022
7 Senior Law Enforcement Officer Administration U4 1 HCSC/07/2022
8 Assistant Records Officer Administration U5 1 HCSC/08/2022
9 Law Enforcement Officer Administration U5 2 HCSC/09/2022
10 Pool Stenographer Administration U6 2 HCSC/10/2022
11 Assistant Law Enforcement Officer Administration U7 7 HCSC/11/2022
12 Office Attendant Administration U8 4 HCSC/12/2022
13 Stenographer Secretary Administration U5 1 HCSC/13/2022
14 Askari Administration U8 1 HCSC/14/2022
15 Assistant Inventory Management Officer Administration U5 2 HCSC/15/2022
16 Inventory Management Officer Administration U4 1 HCSC/16/2022
17 Senior Legal Officer Administration U3 1 HCSC/17/2022
18 Senior IT Officer Administration U3 1 HCSC/18/2022
19 City Chief Finance Officer Finance U1E 1 HCSC/19/2022
20 Principal Revenue Officer Finance U2 1 HCSC/20/2022
21 Principal Accountant Finance U2 1 HCSC/21/2022
22 Principal Treasurer Finance U2 2 HCSC/22/2022
23 City Planner Planning Unit U1E 1 HCSC/23/2022
24 Senior Monitoring and Evaluation Officer Planning Unit U3 1 HCSC/24/2022
25 Senior Economist/Planner Planning Unit U3 2 HCSC/25/2022
26 City Engineer Works U1E 1 HCSC/26/2022
27 Principal Executive Engineer Works U2 1 HCSC/27/2022
28 Senior Building Control Officer Works U3 1 HCSC/28/2022
29 Roads Inspector Works U6 2 HCSC/29/2022
30 Senior Education Officer Education U3 1 HCSC/30/2022
31 Sports Officer Education U4 1 HCSC/31/2022
32 Education Officer (Administration) Education U4 1 HCSC/32/2022
33 Education Officer (Guidance & Counselling/Special Needs) Education U4 1 HCSC/33/2022
34 Senior Inspector of Schools Education U3 1 HCSC/34/2022
35 Labour Officer Community U4 1 HCSC/35/2022
36 Senior Probation and Welfare Officer Community U3 1 HCSC/36/2022
37 Probation and Welfare Officer Community U4 2 HCSC/37/2022
38 Librarian Community U4 1 HCSC/38/2022
39 Library Attendant Community U8 1 HCSC/39/2022
40 City Natural Resources and Environment Officer Natural Resources U1E 1 HCSC/40/2022
41 Environment Officer Natural Resources U4 1 HCSC/41/2022
42 City Physical Planner Physical Planning U1E 1 HCSC/42/2022
43 Senior Physical Planner Physical Planning U3 1 HCSC/43/2022
44 Physical Planner Physical Planning U4 2 HCSC/44/2022
45 Senior Land Surveyor Physical Planning U3 1 HCSC/45/2022
46 Staff Surveyor Physical Planning U4 1 HCSC/46/2022
47 City Commercial Officer Trade & Industry U1E 1 HCSC/47/2022
48 Senior Commercial Officer Trade & Industry U3 1 HCSC/48/2022
49 Commercial Officer Trade & Industry U4 1 HCSC/49/2022
50 Compost Site Officer Compost Site U4 1 HCSC/50/2022
51 Site Supervisor Compost Site U7 1 HCSC/51/2022
52 Data Entry Clerk Compost Site U5 1 HCSC/52/2022
53 Market Master Central Market U4 1 HCSC/53/2022
54 Assistant Market Master Central Market U5 1 HCSC/54/2022
55 Senior Accounts Assistant Central Market U5 1 HCSC/55/2022
56 Cleaners Central Market U8 10 HCSC/56/2022
57 Records Assistant Central Market U7 1 HCSC/57/2022
58 City Health Officer Health UIE 1 HCSC/58/2022
59 Cold Chain Technician Health U5 1 HCSC/59/2022
60 Biostastician Health U4 1 HCSC/60/2022


N.B:      (i) For job descriptions and specifications, contact Ministry of Public Service Website or City Service Commission Offices Country wide.





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