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Activities of livestock in Hoima City are implemented in two divisions of East Division and West Division. And the following are the activities implemented as listed below;-

  1. Meat inspection on different categories of animals like;-
    – Cattle
    – Goats
    – Sheep
    – Swine (pigs)
  2. Vaccination of pets (dogs and cats) against Rabbies disease.
  3. Deworming of pets against worms and mange.
  4. Vaccination of birds (poultry) against viral diseases like Newcastle, gumboro , mareks, fowl pox, fowl typhoid etc.
  5. Vaccination of birds against worms.
  6. Vaccination of cattle, sheep and goats against diseases like;- tryps, PPR (Pest des petites disease) , worms, mange etc.
  7. Treatment of cattle , sheep, goats and pets against different diseases like;- East coast fever, anaplasmosis , heart water, Baboesis, mange, coccidiosis and E-coil etc.
  8. Monitoring and supervision of OWC /NAADS livestock supported to the households and individual livestock in the city animals included;- cattle, pigs poultry and goats by the technical staff.
  9. Monitoring and supervision of OWC /NAADS livestock with the Division stakeholders which include;- Division Chairpersons, Town Clerks, Councilors, Principal Town Agents, Agric and Vet technical staffs.
  10. Spot advice / training on site at farmer’s house-hold mainly conducted during farm-visits.
  11. Field verification of cases on livestock i.e. injured animals and stole animals etc.
  12. Castration, debeaking, dehorning, dehoofing, tooth clipping and dock tailing in livestock are done in Hoima City.
  13. Monitoring and supervision of slaughter areas, butchers, diaries and milk selling points is done in Hoima City.
  14. Refresher training of farmers in different extension methodology like;-
    – Door to door training approach,
    – Farm gate training approach
    – Individual training approach.
  15. Identification and supporting of apiculture farmers to boost bee keeping is also done in the Hoima City.
  16. Identification and supporting of wards / cells invaded by vermin’s is also done in Hoima City.
  17. Monitoring and supervision of agro-input dealers in livestock drugs with their equipment’s is also done in Hoima City.

The above enumerated activities are implemented in Hoima City in two divisions of East & West. Attached are some photos taken during activity implementation.